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CISA Launches StopRansomware Initiative
Jul 15, 2021 in Cybersecurity, Security Preparedness
SonicWall Products being Used in Active Ransomware Campaign
Jul 15, 2021 in Cybersecurity
Following the TSA Pipeline Security Guidelines Could be Beneficial for Water and Wastewater Utilities
Jul 15, 2021 in OT-ICS Security
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Additional Analysis of Al Qa’ida Group’s Latest Propaganda Magazine
Jul 15, 2021 in Intelligence, Physical Security, Security Preparedness
Kaseya Updates On-Premises VSA Software - Update July 15, 2021
Jul 15, 2021 in Cybersecurity
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Urban Heat Islands Exacerbate Heat Waves and Impacts on Health and Infrastructure, according to Report
Jul 15, 2021 in General Security and Resilience
FEMA Releases Continuity Guide for Local, State, and other Non-Federal Governments
Jul 15, 2021 in Emergency Response & Recovery, Federal & State Resources
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Jul 15, 2021 in Cybersecurity
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Security & Resilience Update - Electric Sector's SolarWinds Lessons Report; Threat Intimidation Guide; & More
Jul 13, 2021 in Intelligence
OT Cybersecurity – Thoughts on Industrial Sensor Monitoring to Make Critical Infrastructure a Less Attractive Target for Cyber Attacks
Jul 13, 2021 in OT-ICS Security
OT Cybersecurity – OT-based Credentials Observed Across Public Sources
Jul 13, 2021 in OT-ICS Security
Jen Easterly Sworn in as CISA Director
Jul 13, 2021 in Cybersecurity