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Saltwater Intrusion Into Mississippi River Threatens Drinking Water Supply of Nearly 900,000 Louisianans – Updated September 28, 2023
Sep 28, 2023 in Contamination, General Security and Resilience, Natural Disasters
September 28, 2023 WaterISAC Cyber Threat Briefing
Sep 28, 2023 in Cybersecurity, WaterISAC Events
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Security & Resilience Update - Cyber Threat Briefing Tomorrow, Persisting Tropical Storm Activity in the Atlantic, and More
Sep 26, 2023 in Intelligence
Insider Threat Awareness – Costs of Insider Threat Incident and Recovery Time on the Rise
Sep 26, 2023 in Cybersecurity, Security Preparedness
Security Awareness – Rockwell Study Reveals Significant Increase in Attacks on Critical Infrastructure OT/ICS Systems
Sep 26, 2023 in OT-ICS Security, Research, Security Preparedness
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Examining Past Violent Extremist Mass Casualty Attacker Manifestos Highlights Threat’s Transnational Nature
Sep 26, 2023 in Physical Security, Research
Supplemental General Security & Resilience Highlights – September 26, 2023
Sep 26, 2023 in General Security and Resilience
CISA ICS Vulnerability Advisories and Alerts, Updates, and Bulletins – September 26, 2023
Sep 26, 2023 in Cybersecurity, OT-ICS Security, Federal & State Resources
CISA Releases Hardware Bill of Materials Framework (HBOM) for Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)
Sep 26, 2023 in Cybersecurity, Federal & State Resources
Examining BEC Tactics Through 10 Real World Examples
Sep 26, 2023 in Cybersecurity
National Preparedness Month – Is Your Utility Power Resilient?
Sep 26, 2023 in Emergency Response & Recovery, Federal & State Resources, Natural Disasters
Supplemental Cyber Highlights – September 26, 2023
Sep 26, 2023 in Cybersecurity