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The Security Network of the Water and Wastewater Sector

The U.S. water and wastewater sector’s leading national associations and research foundations established the Water Information Sharing and Analysis Center (WaterISAC) in 2002, in coordination with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. That same year, it was authorized by Congress in the Bioterrorism Act. WaterISAC is the designated information sharing and operations arm of the Water Sector Coordinating Council.

Strength in Numbers Makes WaterISAC Unique

WaterISAC is the only all-threats security information source for the water and wastewater sector. We serve over 3,200 water sector personnel across several hundred utilities and other organizations. Our utility members provide water and wastewater service to most of the United States, and we also serve utilities in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Membership is also open to organizations in the U.K. and the Netherlands.

In addition to water and wastewater utilities, our members include local state/provincial and federal agencies; law enforcement, intelligence and homeland security agencies; consulting and engineering firms; and utility associations.

A Nonprofit Owned and Managed by the Sector

WaterISAC is a non-profit organization, governed by a board of managers comprising water and wastewater utility managers and state drinking water administrators who are appointed by the partner organizations shown above. Built from the ground up to serve the water sector, WaterISAC is uniquely positioned to understand and support the sector’s needs.

Tapping Information Sources to Support Sector Security and Resilience

WaterISAC has established secure and close contact with partners in government to access sensitive and classified security information. WaterISAC maintains two-way communication with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the FBI, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, state intelligence fusion centers, and other federal and state agencies. Through the National Council of ISACs, we also collaborate with more than two-dozen other ISACs, particularly with the Electricity ISAC. We also amass intelligence and resources from selected security experts, water and wastewater industry partners, news media, and our own members.

Analysis and Curation Saves You Time and Supercharges Your Security

WaterISAC is the most comprehensive and targeted single point source for data, facts, case studies, and analysis on water security and threats from intentional contamination, terrorism and cyber crime. WaterISAC also provides analysis and resources to support response, mitigation, and resilience initiatives. We deliver timely, actionable information you can put to use right away to supercharge your security.

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What Our Members Say
  • WaterISAC provides in-depth water safety and security information not available anywhere else.
  • What I value most is very timely access to a wealth of relevant information. The WaterISAC resource library is quite impressive, and new items are added on a daily basis spanning a wide array of security and emergency management subjects.
  • You are flying blind if you are not a member of WaterISAC. You will likely never have the in-house resources to fully understand all of the threats out there.
  • I consider WaterISAC the most valuable source I have for water and wastewater situational awareness. It’s a force multiplier for me because I am a one person shop and the account lets me share content with multiple users.
  • WaterISAC allows you to cut through the noise of security information from other sources. Most utilities have limited budgets and WaterISAC has stepped up to provide security threat information that is easily accessible and reasonably priced.
  • WaterISAC provides us with all the information that is relevant to our industry, all in one fell swoop, so we don’t have to hunt for it. I most value WaterISAC for its consolidation of threats that are coming in around the world that are directly to the water sector.
  • WaterISAC provides vital water security knowledge and information for utilities.