Frequently Asked Questions

Easy Login Method

  • Strong passwords contain 8 or more characters and include an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, a number, and punctuation or another symbol. Strong passwords are difficult to detect or hack by humans or malicious computer programs.

  • Follow the directions and use the indicator on the password page to create a strong password.

Free Trial WaterISAC Pro Membership

WaterISAC Membership

  • PRO members get:

    1. A vast library of sensitive threat information, best practices, articles, exercise guides, vulnerability assessments and other resources on security and emergency management;
    2. Contaminant databases, from a private research institute and from U.S. EPA;
    3. A bi-annual water sector threat analysis;
    4. Urgent physical and cyber threat alerts;
    5. Free webcasts on current water security and emergency response topics.
  • You are eligible to join WaterISAC PRO if you meet these conditions:

    1. Your job responsibilities include management, security or emergency response, and
    2. You work for one of the following types of organizations headquartered in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or United Kingdom and are based in one of those countries:
      • Drinking water and wastewater utilities of any size
      • Local, state or federal government department/agency with responsibility for:
        • Drinking water or wastewater
        • Emergency response and management
        • Homeland security
        • Water resources
        • Public health
        • Law enforcement
      • Water and wastewater utility industry association.
      • A consulting or engineering firm contracted by water sector utilities to support utility operations or management, or development and implementation of their critical infrastructure protection programs.

Logging In

My Account

  • After confirming your identity, affiliation and need-to-know, we will send you a confirmation email with login information. Approval usually takes about a week. Contact the Help Desk at if you need expedited approval.

  • In your confirmation email, WaterISAC provided you with a username and one-time login URL.  After successfully logging in, you may create your new password. If you no longer have the email, please contact the Help Desk at

  • Add a new Pro member:

    • The primary user for your organization will login and go to My Account, and then go to My Profile.
    • Select Update Member List.
    • Click Sign Up Additional Members.
    • Provide the new member's name, title, phone number and email address.
    • Press Submit.

    Deactivate a Pro member:  

    • The primary user for your organization will login and go to My Account, and then go to My Profile.
    • Select Update Member List.
    • To the right of the member's name, click Update Member.
    • Under "Deactivate this account?” select Yes.
    • Press Submit.*

    Update a Pro member’s email address, phone number or title:  

    • The primary user for your organization will login and go to My Account, and then go to My Profile.
    • Select Update Member List.
    • To the right of the member's name, click Update Member and edit the information in the fields.
    • Press Submit.*

     * After you press Submit, the requested changes will be sent to WaterISAC staff, who will make the changes manually. 

Technical Help


  • WaterISAC Pro dues are a flat annual amount per organization, and organizations can sign up several employees. Please refer to the chart below to see your dues and the number of employees your organization can appoint as members. If your organization has a trial membership your dues will be pro-rated from the conclusion of the free 3-month trial of the longest-standing member through the end of the year.

    Intelligence and threat information providers that agree to an information sharing partnership with WaterISAC can receive courtesy memberships.

    Join today

    Water Suppliers, Wastewater Service Providers, Utility O&M Contractors
    Based on number of people (not accounts) served across all plants, subsidiaries, retailers and client utilities.

    Total Population Served Memberships Per Organization Annual Dues (US Dollars)
        Only Drinking Water or Only Wastewater Combined Service
    Fewer than 20,000 5 $249 $499
    20,000 to 49,999 10 $499 $999
    50,000 to 99,999 15 $999 $1,999
    100,000 to 499,999 20 $1,999 $2,999
    500,000 to 999,999 25 $2,999 $4,999
    1 million or more 30 $4,999 $6,999


    Organization Types Memberships Per Organization Annual Dues
    State or Local Government Agencies* 5 $499
    Homeland Security Agencies** any N/A
    Water/Wastewater Mutual Aid Networks 5 $499
    Water or Wastewater Industry Associations 5 $499

    * Government-owned water agencies that supply potable water must join as utilities.

    ** State, regional and local fusion centers, homeland security offices or emergency management agencies that agree to an information-sharing partnership with WaterISAC.

     Consulting/Engineering Firms

    Annual Sales to the Water Industry Memberships Per Organization Annual Dues

    Less than $1 million

    2 $999

    $1 million to $10 million 

    4 $1,999

    $10 million to $50 million 

    6 $2,999

    $50 million to $100 million 

    8 $3,999

    More than $100 million 

    10 $4,999