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Terms and Conditions

1.  Confidentiality of Sensitive Information. WaterISAC owns or has permission to use, distribute or house information, materials, knowledge and facts that are sensitive from a security perspective, confidential and, or proprietary, known hereafter as "Sensitive Information."

a. Classification levels of Sensitive Information may include, among others, Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, Proprietary, Sensitive, Very Sensitive and For Official Use Only, or combinations thereof.

b. Members may not disclose Sensitive Information, except:

i. With other WaterISAC members, or

ii. With others for the purpose of preventing or responding to an imminent threat to public health or safety.

c. Members may only disclose Sensitive Information with employees, supervisors, agents, officers or contractors who are approved by members' organizations to view such information and who have a need to know such information.

d. Members' organizations must implement protocols to prevent and prohibit disseminating Sensitive Information outside of the circumstances described herein.

2. More Restrictive Controls. Members must comply with specific handling instructions, including those applied by the federal government and other third parties, that may accompany Sensitive Information.

3. Commercial Use Restrictions. Work products created by WaterISAC may not be resold or otherwise used for commercial purposes except under license agreement with WaterISAC or other express written consent of WaterISAC. The commercial use of information produced by other organizations is subject to the originators’ commercial use restrictions.  

4. Public Disclosure Laws. Members may not retain, record, or print Sensitive Information that cannot be protected from public disclosure, except as provided under paragraph 1(b)(ii).

5. Return of Sensitive Information. Upon request of WaterISAC at any time and for any reason, members must return Sensitive Information, including original and any and all copies, in whatever form or media, in their possession

6. Termination of Membership. Members remain subject to these Terms and Conditions despite termination of their membership.

7. Breach. Unauthorized disclosure of Sensitive Information may cause WaterISAC, the nation and individual drinking water and wastewater utilities and their consumers irreparable damage for which WaterISAC cannot be reasonably or adequately compensated in damages. WaterISAC shall therefore be entitled to seek injunctive relief to prevent such disclosure, and may rescind membership and participation in WaterISAC if these Terms and Conditions are violated.

8. Disclaimer. Information submitted to or disseminated by WaterISAC may be unevaluated and unverified. WaterISAC makes no representation or warranty with respect to the accuracy, completeness or currency of such information, and disclaims any and all liability whatsoever with respect to or in any way related to such information. Members bear the sole responsibility for, and assume all risks and liabilities related to, the taking or not taking of any action based on such information.

By joining WaterISAC, members agree to fully comply with these Terms and Conditions, including any amendments thereto, and to otherwise abide by the provisions of this Agreement. Individuals affirm that the information provided in connection with the member’s application for WaterISAC membership is true and correct.