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OT/ICS Cybersecurity – Vulnerability Management of Embedded Devices

OT/ICS Cybersecurity – Vulnerability Management of Embedded Devices

Created: Monday, November 16, 2020 - 17:19
Cybersecurity, General Security and Resilience, Security Preparedness

After its recent webinar on Understanding Embedded Devices and Firmware in OT, Verve Industrial took to its blog to address many questions posed during the event. Verve responds in detail and provides “pro-tips” to six important questions for understanding cybersecurity and vulnerability management issues for embedded devices.

Questions answered in this post include:

  • Tracking vulnerabilities in firmware.
  • Identification of vulnerable devices.
  • Safe discovery and mitigation of legacy devices.
  • Built-in firmware configuration features to apply principle of least privilege.
  • “Patching” OT/ICS device firmware.
  • Positively impacting security culture, including influencing greater security of the supply chain from manufacturing to implementation.

Utilities continually challenged by vulnerability management in the OT/ICS environment may find this post useful. Access “Protecting Embedded Systems in OT Cybersecurity” at Verve Industrial.