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WaterISAC helps you supercharge your security by weeding out all the noise about security threats that do not apply to drinking water and wastewater utilities. Focusing only on water security affirms our status as the best, most comprehensive single point source for data, facts, case studies, and analysis. We share this information only with members by posting it to the WaterISAC Resource Center, emailing in the form of advisories and newsletters, and discussing during our regular webinars.

Threat Advisories

When we learn of physical or cyber threats that may present a more imminent danger to water and wastewater utilities, WaterISAC emails threat advisories to our members.  

Security & Resilience Update

Twice a week, WaterISAC emails the Security & Resilience Update to our members. Each issue contains the latest advisories, best practices, and reports that are relevant to the water sector. The SRU also lists upcoming webinars, workshops, and other events.

Resource Center

The WaterISAC Resource Center is a secure, confidential, and trusted online source of water security information. The Resource Center contains more than several thousand articles, reports, best practices, threat analyses, and tools focused on reducing risks to water and wastewater infrastructure. Members appreciate its user-friendly platform that facilitates search and rapidly compiles, organizes, and emails information in an easy-to-read format.

Biological and Chemical Contaminant Databases

Through WaterISAC's Resource Center, members can seamlessly access three biological and chemical contaminant databases containing information on more than 700 substances. Sources include the UK Water Industry Research and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Water Security Division. Because they address the occurrence, behavior in water, health and environmental effects, and treatment techniques for the contaminants, these databases can be helpful in responding to water contamination threats, incidents and chemicals spills.


Throughout the year, WaterISAC hosts webinars—free of charge to our members—on current water security and emergency management topics. Webinars are also recorded and made available to WaterISAC members for viewing at any time via the Resource Center.

Monthly Cyber Threat Web Briefings

On the fourth Wednesday of nearly every month, WaterISAC hosts a Cyber Threat Web Briefing. These webcasts feature representatives from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, WaterISAC, and private cybersecurity firms discussing emerging cyber threats and mitigation.

Water and Wastewater Sector Threat Analysis Report

This report, issued twice each year, is informed by a survey of WaterISAC members and an analysis of open source information about security incidents involving water and wastewater during the prior six months. It is distributed to WaterISAC members and trusted partners.

10 Best Cybersecurity Measures

WaterISAC’s 10 Best Cybersecurity Measures has become one of the most used tools in the water sector. Produced with inputs from government and private sector partners, the guide identifies crucial recommendations for protecting IT and industrial control system networks.  

Liaison to Subject Matter Experts

Need advice from someone who has been there before? WaterISAC has access to many experts and practitioners of cyber and physical security and emergency management.  Contact us and we’ll match you up with someone who can help.