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Mitigation Success Stories and Best Practices Portfolio (FEMA)

Mitigation Success Stories and Best Practices Portfolio (FEMA)

Created: Thursday, January 21, 2016 - 10:09
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Share Mitigation Success Stories in the Updated "Best Practices Portfolio"

If you or members of your community have taken measures to prevent losses from disasters at home, at work, or in your community, or know of someone who has, share your story FEMA’s updated “Mitigation Best Practices Portfolio”.  By sharing and highlighting success stories, you help spread the word of how important, effective, and life-saving mitigation can be.

The Best Practices Portfolio is a collection of ideas, activities, projects and funding sources that can help reduce or prevent the impacts of disasters. To take a look at what is possible, or to get ideas for a specific situation, you can browse through this portfolio and see what others have been doing as well.

Once a Best Practice is submitted, the information will be reviewed and possibly included in the FEMA online Mitigation Best Practice Collection.  Current topics include Assistance, Flood, Wind and Grants. These can be added to and updated as items are submitted and selected for sharing. Follow these instructions to share a Mitigation Best Practice:
1. Submit a one to two page document in a Microsoft® Word file.
2. Include any photos, maps, graphics, and/or PDF files which may enhance your Best Practice.
3. Provide your contact information such as a phone number and/or email address.
4. Email submissions to

With the recent updates to the Best Practices Portfolio, stories previously posted have been relocated to the Homeland Security Digital Library where they are accessible to the public. All new stories can also be found there by searching “Mitigation Best Practices.”  In addition, new submittals are being posted to the FEMA Resource and Document Library on the Best Practice Stories web page.