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WaterISAC Pro Membership

Colleague Network

Find and collaborate with colleagues about risks from all hazards confronting water and wastewater utilities. Compare practices and knowledge in a protected, online environment.

Vulnerability Assessment Tools

Evaluate risks, create new security procedures or update existing ones using a portfolio of vulnerability assessment tools.

Security & Emergency Preparedness Materials

Access a wealth of information about protecting critical infrastructure from and responding to natural disasters, accidents and cyber, insider and contamination threats.

Contaminant Databases

Find detection and treatment information on hundreds of chemical and biological agents.

Expert Insight & Analysis

WaterISAC analysts collect and review infrastructure protection information from government and private sources to share with members. Analysts tap into classified intelligence and open source information 24 hours a day to track security incidents across the world. Pro members are alerted to all manner of threats so they can take quick action to reduce or prevent damage or injuries.


Stay on top of news affecting water and wastewater operations through WaterISAC's regularly published e-newsletters complied by our team of security experts.

Threat Notification

Receive email notifications

Receive email notifications about threats and any incidents demanding immediate attention.

Confidential Incident Reporting

Participate in the national effort to protect our critical infrastructure by confidentially reporting security breaches and suspicious activity. WaterISAC intelligence analysts will collect and analyze the data.

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WaterISAC equips members with an unrivaled source of knowledge and tools.

About WaterISAC

WaterISAC is a community of water sector professionals who share a common purpose: to protect public health and the environment. Our one-of-a-kind resource serves as a clearinghouse for government and private information that helps our members identify risks, prepare for emergencies and secure the nation's critical water infrastructure.


WaterISAC is a service created by drinking water and wastewater utility managers to:

  • Provide tools for identifying and managing risks
  • Help managers target limited resources where they are most needed
  • Arm utility directors and security personnel with critical knowledge and best practices
  • Communicate threat warnings and incident reports to water systems, 24 x 7 x 365
  • Save time and effort by serving as a clearinghouse for government and private resources


Paid membership service provides users with sensitive threat information, emergency response tools and the ability to network with a community of peers.