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Water Sector Physical Threat Briefing - Insider Threats: Understanding and Managing the Risk

Wednesday, July 17, 2024; 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. ET

On July 17 at 2 pm ET, WaterISAC will convene the next event in its quarterly Water Sector Physical Threat Briefings series. Presenters from U.S. EPA and DC Water will discuss insider threats to water and wastewater utilities and provide practicable information about how to manage the risks. An insider threat involves an individual or group who uses their authorized access or special knowledge to cause harm to critical infrastructure, knowingly or unknowingly. This harm can include malicious acts that impact the security and integrity of an organization’s operations. Among the threats facing the sector, insider threats present an enduring risk. In fact, water and wastewater utilities across the country have experienced incidents of malicious insiders that impacted utility operations in both the physical and cyber domains.

Defining these threats is a critical step in understanding and managing the risk malicious insiders pose to organizations. To help define the threat, Emily Levering, National Security Threat Mitigation Program Manager at U.S. EPA, will provide an overview of insider threats, including potential consequences of an insider threat, how insider threat actors are recruited, past cases studies, and more. Next, Ivelisse Cassas, Director of Security at DC Water, will discuss how organizations can prevent and respond to insider threats, providing insights into how their utility manages insider threats and tips for establishing an insider threat mitigation program. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about insider threats and how your peers are working to manage the risk.

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